What is the Pilates reformer machine?


If you have ever walked past and glanced inside a Pilates studio you might have noticed large gym-like pieces of equipment called Pilates Reformer machines. These may look like torture devices but they are in fact great for supporting your body and helping strengthen and stretch muscles in a gentle way.

The Reformer consists of a moving carriage that you lie down on for many of the exercises, a set of springs that make the resistance heavier or lighter, and a pair of straps you put your hands or feet into.

Since it’s quite a specialised piece of equipment you can’t just show up and do your workout like you would on a treadmill or rowing machine. Beginners Reformer Pilates classes will take you through how the machine works, how to get safely on and off and how to do all the basic exercises with the correct amount of resistance.

Once you’ve done a couple of months of beginners classes you and your instructor may agree you are ready to move on to intermediate Reformer classes, which move faster through the repertoire of exercises, adding in more coordination and will feel like more of a workout.

It’s important not to skip the beginners classes even if you are fit and used to gym classes. Much of the time in the beginners classes is spent learning how the machine works and how to get in and out of the various exercises. Once you learn this properly you will get a lot out of your intermediate classes!

It is useful, though not essential, to have done a course of beginners mat Pilates classes before you start on the Reformer. This will teach you all the basics of Pilates breathing and the principles of the technique. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this, we will incorporate this into the beginners Reformer classes too.

Look forward to getting you started with your Reformer classes at The Pilates Lounge.

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