Pilates helps strengthen core muscles, improve posture and alignment and increase flexibility. The classes can also help relieve neck and back tension, while improving mobility of the hips and shoulders.

Mat Pilates is done on a mat using small equipment while Reformer Pilates is done on the Pilates Reformer machine, which adds resistance to the exercises. You can start with either a beginners mat or beginners Reformer class. If you’ve never done any Pilates at all it’s a good idea to do a few mat classes first to really learn the basics of the technique before putting everything into practice on the machine.

Pilates is suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. It’s important to start with a beginners class if you haven’t done Pilates before, even if you are accustomed to physical exercise. This way you will learn the basics of the Pilates technique and get more out of the exercises before progressing to more challenging classes.
Pilates instructors have postural and movement pattern assessment skills and through this can provide an exercise program to suit any person who requires additional support, as well as to those who are seeking a stronger challenge in their workouts.

Ideally start with one or two classes a week and do a little at home in your free time before building up to two or three classes a week.