Classes and Prices

Mat Pilates

We teach Pilates classes at our studio in Rush, Co. Dublin, for all levels from beginners to intermediate. Our mat Pilates classes with experienced instructors will help strengthen your core, improve flexibility and relieve back pain. We offer beginners mat, intermediate mat and Pilates for a healthy back. Mat classes take place in. the studio on Monday and Wednesday mornings and also Monday evening.

Drop in class pass 16 Euros

Package of 4 mat classes: 60 Euros

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is great for strengthening core muscles and improving flexibility with the help and support of the Reformer machine. We teach group Reformer classes in our lovely light-filled studio with a maximum of 8 people per class. If you are completely new to Reformer choose any Level 1 class, even if you are fit and accustomed to exercise, to allow you to learn the basic principles of Pilates and to learn how the machine works. After 8-10 classes or once you feel ready you can move to Level 2, so long as you have no current injuries or back issues etc. We also offer specific Reformer for Men classes, though men are welcome to also join any class on the timetable.

Drop in: 20 Euros
4 classes: 75 Euros
10 classes: 170 Euro

Reformer Pilates
Zoom Classes

ONLINE Pilates

Keep fit from the comfort of your own home! We have a catalogue of more than 40 short pre-recorded classes – contact us to arrange a monthly subscription to the pre-recorded classes for 20 euros a month.

BarreConcept Workout

BarreConcept is a workout that combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga and the grace and technique of ballet. Add to this the strength from sports conditioning and you have all the elements of a typical BarreConcept session. The programme is designed to tone the thighs, lift the butt, sculpt the arms and flatten the abdominals in an upbeat, vigorous class to music. Full range muscular contractions are performed, followed by end range isometric contractions and then a static hold in order to fatigue the muscle. Stretches follow directly afterwards in order to elongate the muscles, creating a long, lean physique. Contact for more information. Class takes place Saturday 10:05am. Booking essential. Class price: drop in 16 euros or 4 classes for 60 euros.

Barre Concept

It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.